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Due to concerns around Covid-19, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our clients and staff and will be temporarily closed effective March 20.  We plan to reopen to the community on May 1. Please email or call our studio if you would like to schedule a future massage. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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Boosting Your Creative Energies

Boosting Your Creative Energies

Elements Massage Paradise Valley

We all know that there are times when it’s hard to rally your energy supplies: mid-week, without a holiday or vacation in sight, late afternoon, when your hungry, tired, or ready to just crawl into bed and binge-watch the latest show on television. At Elements Paradise Valley, we understand but instead of caving into this behavior, here are several ways you can naturally boost your creative energies and reinvigorate your focus to maximize everyday’s potential and help keep you feeling fresh and productive.

  • Hydrate
    Drinking water is key in getting your body to function at optimal levels. Dehydration is a root cause of fatigue, exhaustion, and lack of focus. We recommend getting a stylish water bottle as a new accessory and carrying it with you to hydrate regardless of where you are!
  • Eat Mint
    The refreshing feeling of mint or mint-flavored gum can help stimulate your central nervous system when your hit that afternoon slump. Known to help boost blood flow and increase your heart rate, chewing on mint gum can help keep your brain going.
  • Around The Block
    Another great way to hit the reset button on your mental state and boost your creativity is to get up, away from whatever you are doing and take a walk. Even a small jaunt around the block is enough to boost the production of brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin to lend a hand in increasing your energies and positive emotions.
  • Get Into Scents
    Certain scents, like cinnamon or peppermint can help restore your energies by waking up your brain. These two examples are also known to reduce fatigue and boost alertness. Try out a variety of scents to see what works for your particular nose!
  • Massage
    Massage is a great way to both relax your body and hit the reset button on your brain’s creative energies. The calming factor to your central nervous system is similar to a mini-vacation in how it can help restore, revitalize, and reinvigorate your natural energies to help you perform your best.
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