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Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Mackenzie Barrow

When many hear the term “sports massage” they assume that this style of massage is reserved only for serious athletes. In fact, sports massage is a great healing tool for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. If your job requires a lot physically like standing, moving around, and lifting all day. If you have a hobby like dancing, yoga, golf, etc. If you’re training for an athletic event such as a race or friendly run. All of these activities and more make sports massage a great choice for you.

The goals of a sports massage are generally to increase stamina, stability, mobility, flexibility, and agility. They are also useful in reducing tension, improving circulation, managing pain, and increasing both physical and mental performance.

The techniques used in a sports massage incorporate some of the standard ones such as gliding strokes and kneading combined with therapeutic movements like stretching, compression and rotation to aid our body’s reflexive and structural movements.

Sports massage can help you recover from an injury, prepare you for an event, achieve your peak performance level, and more! Schedule a sports massage with one of our trained massage therapists today.



Modalities for Massage and Bodywork by Elaine Stillerman

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