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Quickening Recovery Times with Massage

Quickening Recovery Times with Massage

Elements Massage Moon Valley

Massage is a critical component in facilitating a pathway to a quicker recovery for your body. Whether you’ve just experienced an injury, a surgery, or even just a period of high stress, the art of massage can help empower you to feel better sooner. 

After Exercise

When it comes to healing, massage boasts a variety of benefits for your mind and body. To reduce recovery times from regular wear and tear stemming from activity, massage can address the small muscle fiber tears that your body experiences during use as these are the culprits of soreness and inflammation. Additionally lactic acid can build up after your muscles deplete their energy stores during exercise causing stiffness and the need for rest. Massage helps promote healing by boosting blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to much needed areas so your body can get back up to speed and you can stay active!

Post-Operative Healing

Similar to how massage works to promote recovery after strenuous exercise, after surgery, massage is a key player in helping your muscles stay supple instead of turning into rigid scar tissue. This encouragement to stay limber, keep a good range of motion, and maintain flexibility can help further down the road to promote reduced healing times. Plus, the positive attention to your central nervous system from massage can help your body digest the stress load that typically accompanies surgery.

High Stress

By enabling the restoration and rejuvenation of your mind and body connection, massage is an excellent tool to reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol while giving a much-needed boost to feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. Other benefits include reducing blood pressure, lowering heart rate, promoting mental clarity, and encouraging better sleep.

As a powerful tool to help facilitate quicker healing, massage is a great way to deal with the daily grind of normal life too. Take a moment and book your next appointment with our team to give yourself a refresh and reset session!

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