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Tips for Avoiding Stress

Tips for Avoiding Stress

Scott F. LMT

Tips for Avoiding Stress

Stress seems to come from everywhere nowadays: job, family, social media, TV, the commute, etc. While massage is great for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, massage is not something one can do every day (unfortunately!). So what can you do on a daily basis to de-stress? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Listening to music. A personal favorite. Here’s a great summary.

  • Focused breathing. This might be meditation, yoga, or just taking a couple deep breaths. NPR has a great article on the body’s built-in stress reliever.

  • Take a break. Step away from the stress and reorient your thoughts, then back to it once you're calm.

  • Exercise.

  • Get enough sleep. is a great resource.

  • Unplug for 15-30 minutes.

Get creative. Try something new. Whether it’s reconnecting with nature, doodling, or traveling someplace you’ve never been, give your brain something different to form new synaptic pathways as well as find a quiet mind.

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