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Cayuga Court

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1950 Cayuga St
Middleton, WI 53562

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Client Story

Client Story


Ted was having problems with his neck and daily would take large doses of Advil and Aleve to help with his pain. So much so, his wife got him a gift card to Elements Massage in Middleton, hoping it would alleviate some of his pain.

When Ted came to me, he already seemed a little pessimistic about how massage could help him. After we talked about his issues and his daily life to discern the main cause of his pain, we came up with a plan for his massage. We decided to focus the entire session on relieving his current pain and leave the repairing of the muscles for another visit, as physical healing often takes time and several sessions.

After 50 minutes working on his neck and shoulders his pain had diminished drastically. Ted now comes in regularly for massages and has nearly eliminated his dependence on medication to monitor his neck pain.

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