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Words of Wellness

Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Hannah E.

A few years ago, I started working with a young woman who initially walked into our therapy room with the intention of releasing some stubborn shoulder and low back issues. Like many people, she couldn't see how much her emotional conditioning was keeping her muscles and breath stuck in painful patterns. And to be honest, I couldn't see it either, at first. She has worked with MANY other kinds of therapists in the past. Now, with a life of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, and a partial lobotomy, she was floating through life disconnected and numb. Finally, a dance class entered the scene! Dancing had recently begun to open her awareness of the power of healing through the body.

During our first session, I had her slowly reconnect with a mindful and rhythmic breath as her body automatically started to open with the gentle coaxing of massage. Within minutes, she found herself surprised by an outpouring of emotion. Her biggest surprise was the overwhelming feeling of quiet gratitude. She could finally find those years of hidden emotion that had been suppressed with pills and shame and fear.

Each time I saw her, she began to radiate with a new and deeper peace that she didn't think she would ever find within herself.

After about 4 months, she confidently stopped taking the sleeping pills and anti-depressants, and found a new councilor to aid in navigating her new and uncharted waters of freedom. And yes, she still dances every day :)

Hannah E., LMT

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