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Massage for the Modern Worker

Massage for the Modern Worker

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A vast majority of workers today find themselves sitting at a computer working off of a screen day-in and day-out. This leaves many people with aching wrists, bad posture, and chronic issues like “tech neck.”

If you haven’t heard of tech neck, it’s a recent diagnosis that is assigned to individuals who spend too much time with their head extended forward over their body. Think about the position of your head and neck when you glance down at your cell phone to check a text message, how you crain your head when calling into your last video conference call, or your desk posture when you are drafting that fiftieth email of the day.

The point is that humans evolved to run and jump, not sit and stare. If we are going to adapt to the methods of work today, we need to do so with mindfulness that pays attention to body mechanics.

Massage is a critical way to address office posture ailments. The delivery of much-needed attention to the upper back, neck, and wrist areas can provide body mechanic alignment that can stoke your natural ability to heal.

If you sit on the daily, our team recommends getting up every hour for at least fifteen minutes. Taking a quick break outside or climbing the office stairs can interject both a mind and body break from sitting.

Stretching is another key component to add to your desk routine. If you must sit, be sure to incorporate neck stretches and be wary of your neck position. If possible, instead of sitting in a chair, opt for a standing desk or a balance ball. When you take calls, use earbuds and walk around the office - just be kind to your coworkers as you don’t want to interrupt their workflow!

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