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Herniated Disc Help

Herniated Disc Help

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Rupturing a disc (otherwise referred to as a herniated disc) can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Most discomfort is attributed to pressure to nerve endings along the spine as a result of the protrusion. Pain stemming from this condition can radiate throughout the neck and back in addition to sending tingling sensations up and down the arms and legs.

While in severe cases, surgery is a necessity, massage is a common component of a recovery treatment plan. Massage therapy can reduce pain and oftentimes facilitates quicker recovery periods when performed in conjunction with normal treatments.

How Massage Works
To combat the symptoms of a slipped or ruptured disc, massage therapy is great at boosting blood flow and encouraging better blood circulation. This allows for more oxygen and nutrients to move throughout your body delivering care and removing toxins more quickly. In other words, better blood flow can help the body heal in a shorter time span.

Hot Stones
An addition that can enhance and augment a regular massage session is the use of hot stones. Adding gently heated basalt rocks to a massage treatment can encourage the muscles around the spine to loosen up while delivering a deep warmth and sense of comfort. This is particularly good for stubborn areas of tension and is an excellent approach for those that struggle with pain or discomfort.

Other Ways to Help
Other methods of augmenting this condition include acupuncture and acupressure in the addition to regular massage sessions. These types of self-care are important when you are trying to recover from any injury. Like always, be sure to check in with your primary care physician before seeking external treatment to be safe!

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