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Can’t Sleep? Posture Matters

Can’t Sleep? Posture Matters

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Sleep is an essential part of human life. It allows the body to get into a state of rest so that it can begin to regenerate and prepare itself for another day of activity. This does not mean that all sleep is great sleep.

Most individuals have experienced some form of restlessness or discomfort while sleeping. They have woken up with a stiff neck or pain in the lower back and wondered if they just slept in a weird position while tossing and turning. This is because posture plays a huge role in actually achieving a restful night’s sleep. Here are three positions that most people sleep in and how they are impacting your body.


Most experts will agree that sleeping on your back is the preferred position for restful sleep that has the lowest impact on your body. This is because laying flat on your back allows your back and neck to align flat and in a straight line, without any kinks or turns. Back sleep does require that you have a good firm mattress with a pillow that keeps your neck flat and in line with your spine. One downside of back sleeping, especially for spouses, is that it can lead to snoring.


Curled up in a fetal position on your side is possibly the most comfortable position to sleep in and it has been shown to be an effective method to combat insomnia or other sleep deprivation conditions. Side sleeping can be made even more comfortable by putting a pillow in between your legs in order to align your hips. A high-quality pillow is also critical during side sleeping to keep your neck from tilting at an angle away from a straight spine for long periods of time.


While stomach sleeping might be a popular choice for many, it is actually the worst for you. Stomach sleeping can put unwanted pressure on your neck and nerves and typically inhibits your neck and spine from aligning correctly. If you are someone that experiences chronic lower back pain though, stomach sleeping for short periods of time can be helpful in alleviating discomfort.

The most important thing about a sleep position is that it works for you. Try these out and make your own call but remember that posture absolutely matters and if you are in need of a boost, our massage team is here for you!

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