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Unlock Knots with Trigger Point Massage

Unlock Knots with Trigger Point Massage


The body is a matrix of intertwined muscles, joints and tendons. Trigger point therapy taps into the body's internal web of muscles and tissues to unlock common chronic and injury-related pains caused by tension and stress.

Everybody has trigger points, but whether they're activated or not can depend on if an area has undergone trauma, stress, overuse or injury. When activated, trigger points can cause widespread pain, tension, irritation and even lack of motion. Applying a moderate to deep pressure to these areas can create a dull, aching feeling to different areas of the body, which is most commonly known as referral pain. This referral pain actually lets therapists know that they are on a trigger point so they can directly address the area and concern.

When you receive trigger point therapy, you may feel tenderness when the therapist applies pressure. But overall, it should be a therapeutic experience where you feel relief after the pressure is applied and the trigger point goes away.

Repetitive Movements, Stress Build Knots throughout the Body
Normal people living everyday lives can benefit from the relief provided through trigger point therapy. Performing simple activities like driving in your car for extended periods of time or overdoing it in your daily workout can cause strain and promote the buildup of stress and tension in your muscles.

Doing continuous movement over and over again can irritate tissue, which over time can lead to the development of trigger points. Ultimately, when tissues remain in a contracted state for long periods of time they can harden and create little nodules that therapists can palpitate and actually feel for during a trigger point massage. When these trigger points are addressed and the tension is released, clients can feel instant relief that feeds into long-lasting results.

Trigger Point Provides Quick Results for Releasing Tight Knots
Trigger point therapy encompasses a lot more of the body than most people may realize. This results-driven technique is best for addressing an injury or chronic pain as well as providing pain management solutions for people with beginning to advanced conditions.

Trigger point therapy can be very effective for treating many common muscular conditions and injuries. Trigger point therapy works well for conditions such as:

  • Sciatica pain that can affect the lower back, glutes, legs and feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Shin splints
  • Migraines
  • Computer shoulder
  • Chronic pain in joints such as stiff neck and back
  • Rotator cuff injuries and/or immobility

Pain is Not the Purpose of Trigger Point Therapy
Many people have the misconception that clients who get trigger point massage have to endure high levels of pain and be sore for days following the massage in order for it to be beneficial. In reality, though, the purpose of trigger point is not to provide more pain, but to rather reduce pain and heal injuries.

If you're looking for full body trigger point work do the work over the course of multiple sessions for the best results. And, since the benefits of trigger point last longer than traditional practices, you don't have to get trigger point every time you go in for a massage. After you've released the pain and tension caused by built-up knots in your system, you can use trigger point on an as-needed basis going forward.

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