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What You Need to Know About Our New Aromatherapy

What You Need to Know About Our New Aromatherapy

We have great news to share with all of our clients! We are introducing a new aromatherapy technique called AromaRitualTM. The purpose of this change is to provide a better and more therapeutic approach to aromatherapy. We paired up with one of the best aromatherapy businesses in the spa industry. The business we paired with is Shankara, and they are known for their quality ingredients as well as their meaningful intention. Shankara donates all profits to humanitarian causes. We are very excited to pair with such an amazing company and share this new approach to aromatherapy with all of you! 


What makes AromaRitualTM different?

The Elements AromaRitual is filled with meaningful intention and presence. Shankara bases their aromatherapy blends off of ancient traditions. These blends are used to help find balance, and harmony in the body. Ancient traditions state that the universe is made up of 5 elements: fire, water, earth, air and space. It is believed that the body is made up of these elements as well. Shankara even means, "one who invokes peace within you." The goal of their blends are to balance these elements and bring peace within you. Shankara crafted 3 blends for us at Elements Massage. The blends are Energize, Calm and Refresh. 


How does aromatherapy work? 

Aromatherapy has been used for ages, dating all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of the flower, leaf or root of a plant. These oils are what cause the plant to give off a scent. In humans, the strongest sense is the sense of smell. The sense of smell is often associated with memories and can invoke mood. When we smell something, the olfactory nerve is stimulated. When the nerve is stimulated, it sends a message to the brain to either enter the parasympathetic nervous system, or the sympathetic nervous system. In more common terms, the brain will either enter a more relaxing state of mind, or a more awake and alert state of mind. Each scent will have a different effect on the brain and even the body.


How does aromatherapy enhance the benefits of massage?

The way to get the most out of a massage session is to be present in the moment while it is happening. Aromatherapy helps the mind slow down and be able to live in the moment that you are experiencing the massage. The different scents that we offer at Elements Massage each have a different effect on the body. Each person comes to massage therapy for a different reason, and there is a blend to further personalize your own Youtopia experience. Furthermore, whatever effects that you would like to be enhanced, can be enhanced by one of our new oil blends. For example, if you are tired, I would recommend using our Energize or Refresh essential oil blend. If there is a lot of physical tension or soreness or pain in the body I would recommend the Calm essential oil blend. For emotional stress, your go-to oil will be Refresh. 


The Three Elements Massage Shankara Blends

The blends offered at Elements Massage are Energize, Calm, and Refresh. The key ingredients in our Energize blend are lemon, ginger, and geranium. The possible benefits are stimulating, invigorating, uplifting and balancing. The key ingredients in our Calm blend are Lavender, Nutmeg, and Black Pepper. The possible benefits are uplifting, nurturing, relaxing, relieves muscle pain, calms headaches. The key ingredients in Refresh are Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Patchouli. The possible effects are enlivening, balancing, soothing, deep breathing, and naturally cooling. Each one of these blends are put in grape seed oil as a carrier oil and then applied to the body. 


What To Expect During Your AromaRitualTM Massage Session

The quality oils we use are not the only thing that is changing about our aromatherapy sessions. In the past, the method was to put ten to fifteen drops of essential oil in the lotion that was going to be used for the massage. The AromaRitualTM is crafted much differently, it is filled with intention and presence. Before the client arrives in the room, there will be an aromatherapy sachet attached to the face cradle with a few drops of the essential oil blend that was picked out. Keeping the sachet near the nose helps to stimulate the olfactory nerve, which sends the response to the brain on what to do. The therapist will put 7 drops of the essential oil down the length of the spinal column. The oils are diluted in a grape seed oil. The grape seed oil acts as a carrier oil, so that the essential oil can be applied safely to the skin. This allows the client to receive the benefits of dermal absorption of the essential oil. The therapist will continue on through the session as normal. When the client flips over on the table face up the therapist will rub some of the aromatherapy oil on their hands and ask the client to take a few deep breaths. Following, the therapist will then put the oil on the pulse points on the body. Pulse points are places in the body where the pulse is tangible and pronounced. Lastly, before the client leaves the massage therapist will then apply the aromatherapy blend to the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. The client is welcome to take the aromatherapy sachet home with them. 


Hippocrates once said, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day." Take a step towards your overall health and well being today. Schedule your AromaRitualTM massage with one of our amazing therapists. This is a practice that is filled with positive intention to bring the most healing benefits to your massage. Schedule today at or call 262-236-9770.

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