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The Ultimate Feet Treat: Integrative Reflexology

The Ultimate Feet Treat: Integrative Reflexology

Our feet are the foundation of our body and the foundation of our health. Ancient traditions believed that the foot has a map for the entire body. Each tissue, organ, and organ system was thought to be able to be stimulated through pressure on the foot, hands and ears. Reflexology is based off of this belief. The feet, hands and ears are thought to have nerve receptors that connect with each body part and organ. A reflexologist will put pressure on certain areas of the feet to stimulate different organs or tissues, depending on what's going on with you. However, there is a difference between a reflexologist and a massage therapist that preforms integrative reflexology. 


Reflexology works much more in depth with the feet, hands, and ears. Integrative reflexology is focused on the whole body. The massage therapist that uses integrative reflexology, uses the map that is on the feet, hands and ears to help figure out what's going on inside the body. Therefore, the massage therapist is looking for areas in the feet or hands that are tender, or stiff. This could indicate that there is something going on with a specific area, or organ, in the body. The massage therapist will use this information to help guide the session further. Furthermore, the map of the body that is on the feet and hands, is the map the therapist uses to figure out which part of the body needs the most work. Pretty neat huh?


Integrative Reflexology can improve overall wellness in the body. The feet are the base on which we stand on, walk on, run on, hike on, bike with...basically everything we do starts with the foundation of our feet. When are feet are not being taken care of we can experience pain and discomfort in the entire body. For example, if something is slightly off with one foot, it can throw your alignment of your hips off. When the alignment of your hips are off then that could cause the alignment of the back, shoulders and neck to be off too. Integrative Reflexology starts with the foundation, and then moves its way to addressing the whole body to optimize wellness.


In addition to pain relief, Integrative Reflexology has been known to be extremely relaxing and aid in stress relief. While receiving Integrative Reflexology the Parasympathetic Nervous System is engaged. Simply, what this means is that your body and mind move out of a state of stress, and into a relaxed state of being. When we are relaxed, this is when healing can be best received. 


My personal experience with integrative reflexology was astonishing. As a long distance runner, my feet tend to be sore the majority of the week. The massage therapist starting working on my feet and I was so relaxed I feel asleep! Then the therapist found out from my feet that my hips and my gluteal muscles needed some therapeutic work. These have always been a tight spot on my body and I was surprised how the therapist could figure it out just by working on my feet. Integrative reflexology was a truly amazing healing experience. 


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