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Massage Therapy Benefits in Winter

Massage Therapy Benefits in Winter

Winter Tip: Use Massage to Beat the Blues

Beat the winter blues with a simple step: Book an appointment with your massage therapist.

Massage is good medicinecapable of alleviating stress, easing lower back pain and reducing tension headaches.

Three ways massage can raise spirits as the thermometer drops

1. Alleviate holiday stressMassage therapy has been shown to help address stress and anxiety while simultaneously addressing some of their physical repercussions of a busy holiday time

2. Relieve low back painWhether back pain stems from holiday travel or shoveling snow, research has shown that massage therapy provides superior functional outcomes and symptom improvement over those who do not utilize massage.

3. Ease a headacheTension headaches aren’t on anyone’s wish list. Research indicates that those who receive massage therapy experience a decrease in the physical pain as well as the emotional distress associated with the headache.

Make your wellness a priority this winter. Introduce an Massage or increase the amount of massage therapy in your wellness routine can help you stay both healthy and happy into 2016.

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