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Massage Modalities At Elements Massage Mequon

Massage Modalities At Elements Massage Mequon

Elements Massage Mequon Massage Modalities

The Basics


Experience a personalized massage with Elements Massage. Speak with a front desk team member to find out what therapist is best for you.


Swedish Massage- Swedish massage is a full body relaxation massage. The massage therapist will use long strokes to promote blood flow back to the heart. The pressure is usually light, but can be medium to deep depending on preference. This is great for those looking for stress relief and relaxation.


Deep Tissue Massage- Deep tissue massage works to target pain. The therapist uses techniques to reach the deeper layers of muscles and tissues that may be causing pain and discomfort. The pressure can be anywhere from light-medium, medium and deep. 


Trigger Point Therapy- Trigger Point Therapy also works to target pain. Trigger points are a type of knot in the tissue that causes widespread pain. The therapist applies pressure to the trigger point to get it to dissolve and relieve pain. Trigger Point Therapy may also help with chronic headaches. The pressure require is different for every client.

The Enhancers


Treat yourself to an extra special massage. Add one of the below to one of the above to enhance the benefits of massage.


Basalt Hot Stone Massage- Adding hot stones to a massage is a great way to enhance the massage session. Basalt hot stones are best for clients with physical tension, soreness, pain, emotional stress or are cold. The heat from the stones helps to relax the body and the mind for ultimate relaxation and healing benefits.


Himalayan Salt Stones-Himalayan Salt Stones contain 84 natural occurring minerals that help bring the body into balance and help exfoliate the skin. The stones are heated similar to the Basalt Hot Stone Massage. They are a great way to enhance the benefits of massage. These are best for clients who are tired, not sleeping well, experience physical tension, experience pain and soreness, are under emotional stress, or are cold.


Integrative Reflexology- Integrative Reflexology is a great way to relieve pain and find total relaxation. The massage therapist will use about 30 minutes to work on only the feet.  According to ancient traditions the feet, hands and ears are maps of the entire body. When a certain area on the feet, hands or ears has pressure applied to it, the organ or tissue is stimulated.During this time, the massage therapist can get an idea of what areas of the body need to be worked on the most. The therapist then goes back and works on those areas for the remaining of the session.


AromaRitual- At Elements Massage we offer an excellent aromatherapy treatment. Aromatherapy allows the mind to come inward so that we can experience rejuvenation and relaxation. This is a wonderful way to enhance the health benefits of massage. We offer 3 different blends: energize, calm, and refresh. Energize AromaRitual is best for clients who are tired and not sleeping well and have emotional stress. Calm AromaRitual is best for clients who experience clients who experience physical tension, soreness and pain. Energize is best for clients who need something uplifting in mood or energy.


Prenatal Massage- Bring ease into your pregnancy with prenatal massage. At Elements Massage we offer a prenatal table, so that the client can lay face down. Prenatal massage enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue. In order to receive a prenatal massage the client must be in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. 

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