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Massage Benefits Runners

Massage Benefits Runners

Jennifer Sullivan

With the dog days of Summer quickly approaching, many runners have completed their events or are nearing participating in the events themselves. Did you know that massage can actually improve your performance and help relieve your anxiety as well as providing much needed relief to your aching muscles?

Here are four ways that massage can help you as a runner.

1) Reduced Muscle Pain and Fatigue

Whether you are a beginner or a full-fledged marathoner, your muscles will need to adapt to the added stress of a training program. Massage can help the fatigue and muscle pain caused by your additional training mileage. Many times, the added stress of running releases body-producing toxins such as lactic acid into your tissue. If you leave this untreated, the tissue can become damaged. When your tissue is damaged, there is less circulation and this can lead to congestion, tightness and shortening of the tissue.

2) Increased Circulation and Blood Flow

One of the benefits of massage is to increase circulation and blood flow. With increased circulation, overall healing is hastened and the soreness you are experiencing will lessen. Most of us choose to run to challenge ourselves although this means challenging our muscles as well. We need to recover from the stresses that running places on our way to recover is to get a massage and have a licensed Massage Therapist work with the aching muscles to relax them and you!

3) Increased Flexibility

Increasing a runner's range of motion can make improvements on form and time. When we are able to move more freely, we are able to run better. A good massage helps rebalance the musculoskeletal system. Runners complain of pain and tightness in and around the IT Band, Achilles tendon, knees and hamstrings. When you arrive at your massage make it a point to communicate where you are experiencing the tightness and the therapist will make an effort to work on these sore spots. The soreness may be attributed to pre-existing conditions and postural errors that could be contributing to the pain. The body will at times over-compensate for trouble areas by over-use in other areas of the body. When one muscle expreriences fatigue, another one may kick into overdrive. Many times, the secondary muscle is NOT SUPPOSED to be sustaining this pressure. Massage will help your tired and weary muscles.

4) Relaxation

Ahhhh.....just are finished with your are finished with your are finished with your event. Reward yourself by scheduling a massage. Relaxing the muscles also relaxes the mind and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Once you are re-energized, you will be able to think about what your next event will be!

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