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Give Your Everyday Life a Boost after a Vacation

Give Your Everyday Life a Boost after a Vacation

Usually when families are on vacation they eat out a lot, so when they come home, everyone is probably looking forward to having home-cooked meals. So embrace that, celebrate that -- use it as a way to kick-start your family’s plan for making more home-cooked meals.  Summer time is a great time to get wonderful food into your diet. Fresh, local produce is in abundance. Engage with your family to prepare fresh healthy recipes.

Try to get some exercise while on vacation. Besides contributing to sleep, exercise helps avoid weight gain brought on by generous vacation portions.

Your family could actually come back from vacation surprised that they haven't gained weight, even though they've been eating out in restaurants, because they've been getting exercise and good sleep.

Plan to come back rested and happy, use that as motivation to keep exercising, getting good sleep and preparing wholesome meals. Let a vacation give your family a boost to continue to live healthy.


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