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6 Ways to Enhance the Benefits of Your Massage Sesssion

6 Ways to Enhance the Benefits of Your Massage Sesssion

Who wouldn't to enhance the numerous health benefits of massage? There are some simple things you can do to help you get the most out of your session. Massage has many health benefits, such as: boosting immunity, improving posture and flexibility, flushing toxins out of the body, relaxing muscles and the mind, lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, stress and pain relief. These benefits can be enhanced by just a few simple things.


  1. Avoid caffeine the day of your massage

Caffeine is a stimulant, therefore, it is not in anyway helping your body or mind relax while you are on the table. Avoiding caffeine on the day of your massage will help enhance your massage session by pulling you into a deep state of relaxation. Caffeine can cause muscle gripping. Staying away from caffeine on the day of your massage can help the already tight muscles relax faster.  Caffeine and massage are both dehydrating. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids after the massage.  In order for the massage to help flush out toxins from the body, the body needs to be hydrated. Stay away from caffeine to enjoy the full health benefits of massage.

  1. Concentration on your breathing

We all have those tense spots on our bodies that make us cringe during our massage. My advice to you is to breathe into it! The body removes about 70% of toxins with the breath. In those tense areas, we sometimes hold our breath. Challenge yourself to breathe even deeper in those areas. When we are able to connect and concentrate on our breath we are able to relax more easily. Therefore, even in those areas without tension, focus on the sensation of breathing. My experience is that it brought me into a state of complete and total relaxation, release and bliss. 

  1. Turn off your cell phone when you go into the massage room

This is your time for YOU! Turn off the phone, and let go of the outside distractions. There is nothing less relaxing than hearing your phone go off and wondering who is trying to get a hold of you. It can wait till your out of your session. Be present. Just turn off the phone. 

  1. If you are unhappy with your massage, communicate with your therapist

Massage Therapists have chosen this profession to help others. They want you to leave your session happy and feeling good. Often, we (myself included) are afraid to speak up to the therapist because we are afraid that we will hurt their feelings. However, the massage therapist wants to you to tell them during the massage if they can improve on something, or if you want more time on one area. They would prefer that the client speak up during the massage, so they can adjust and address the issue right away, rather than letting you leave unhappy and unsatisfied. Be clear about your goals, and the therapist will meet you where you are. 

  1. Add aromatherapy to your session

Aromatherapy is a great way to enhance the benefits of massage. The several different scents can offer several different effects on the body. For example, lavender is a very calming and relaxing scent. It is best used for people looking to relax during their session. It would be great addition for someone with insomnia. Peppermint is great for pain relief. Therefore, if you are coming due to pain in joints or muscles, peppermint would be a great fit. There are also blends of several different oils, called synergies, that help enhance the effects of each individual oil when they are put together. At Elements, we carry a radiance synergy and a vitality synergy. 

  1. Incorporate Hot Stones

Luckily, here at Elements we just introduced Himalayan Salt Stones to our massage enhancer add-ons. What a delightful addition to a massage while winter is approaching. The benefits of Himalayan Salt Stones in massage are huge. The heated stones help the body and the mind relax more readily. The heat of the stones sends the signal to the brain that it is okay to release stress, and let go. They also assist in reducing inflammation. This is a great addition to anyone who is looking for stress or pain relief, relaxation, or just wants to warm up from the Wisconsin winter.


Enhancing the health benefits of massage is easy! Simply, just skip the caffeine the day of you session, concentration on breathing throughout the session, turn off your cell phone, communicate what you need from your therapist, add aromatherapy, and incorporate hot stones to your session. Do these simple things and enjoy the complete bliss you feel after your massage session. 

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