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5 Common Myths About Deep Tissue Massage

5 Common Myths About Deep Tissue Massage

Do you have knots in your shoulders? Chronic low back pain? Specific areas of tension or gripping? If so, deep tissue massage might be the right kind of massage for you to receive. Deep tissue massage helps to relieve pain, and helps to manipulate the deeper tissues in the body. Many people when they think of a deep tissue massage might think of a somewhat painful and uncomfortable massage with deep pressure. Is it true? Check out these 5 common myths about deep tissue massage:

  1. No Pain No Gain

It is a common myth that while getting a deep tissue massage, that if there is not pain, the client is not reaping the benefits of the massage. Fortunately, this is a myth. Deep tissue massages are most beneficial while the client on the table is relaxed. When our muscles feel the pain sensation, this causes them to tense up and protect themselves. The purpose of massage is to help those muscles who are already in pain, relax, and let go of the pain. The purpose of massage is not to cause the client more pain, and more tensed muscles. So in the massage world, pain is not a gain, no pain is a definite gain.

  1. Deep pressure in a massage is the same thing as a deep tissue massage

Believe it or not, deep pressure does not mean the same thing as deep tissue. Deep pressure is when the massage therapist applies a lot of pressure on the muscles. Deep tissue massage is done to manipulate the deep layers of muscle in the body. For each individual the amount of pressure needed is different. At Elements, we have a pressure scale of one to four, four is the deepest pressure you can receive, one is the lightest pressure you can receive. Most people would believe that the four would be considered a deep tissue massage. However, it is entirely possible to receive a deep tissue massage at the levels of two or three as well. 

  1. In order to receive the benefits from massage, one must receive a deep tissue massage

It is a common belief for those coming into their massage, that in order to receive the health benefits of massage, they must get a deep tissue. Deep tissue has many benefits, such as; breaking up knots and scar tissue, relieving chronic pain, and recovery from injuries. However, there are many benefits from receiving a relaxation massage.  Relaxation( a.k.a. Swedish) massage has many benefits as well. Getting a Swedish massage regularly can promise many benefits to your overall health and well being. Swedish massage is great from anyone experiencing stress, tense muscles or looking to improve overall health and well being. 

  1. Deep tissue massage is not relaxing

Due to the common believe that deep tissue massage must be both painful and deep pressure, it is also a common belief that deep tissue massages are not relaxing. However, in order to receive optimal benefits from a deep tissue massage, the client must Be relaxed. Don't worry about falling asleep and missing anything, because that is when the body heals the most effectively.

  1. One massage is all you need to feel better

Massage is similar to exercise in the way that the more you do it, the better you feel. Imagine trying to lose weight, and exercising one time and expecting that to be enough to lose weight. You'll probably begin to feel better after one work out, but the full benefits don't come until after you incorporate it in your lifestyle. It's the same with massage. It requires maintenance and commitment in order to feel the full benefits. 


At Elements we have a wellness program that is $59 dollars a month. The $59 that is paid for on the 1st or the 15th of the month, pays for one 60 minute massage. For the second visit and on the sessions are $49 dollars. The wellness program is a great way to make a commitment to yourself, and your health. If it isn't working out, no worries, there is no long term commitment or long term contract. It's just month to month and you can cancel at anytime. If for whatever reason you can't come in one month, then your unused session rolls over into the next month, so you don't lose what you pay for. For more information and to book an appointment call (262)-236-9770. Thank you for reading until the end.

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