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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Elements Massage 1301 Herr Lane
Louisville, KY   40222
(502) 412-9383 Elements Massage$49 to $99

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1301 Herr Lane
Louisville, KY 40222

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Aaron | Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: Advanced Massage Therapeutics
Specialties: Deep Tissue, PreNatal


Aaron gave me one of the most thorough neck and back massages I've ever had.

The massage with Aaron was awesome--an overused word I know, but so appropriate!

Aaron gives stellar massages

Aaron is a graduate of Advanced Massage Therapeutics and although he has a full time job during the week, we are happy to have him on our team as a weekend therapist. Aaron specializes in Deep Tissue Massage as well as prenatal massage. His clients appreciate his calm demeanor and his focused attention on their problem areas and they consistently tell us that they always feel better after a session with him.

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