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Winter Massage

Winter Massage

Elements Massage Littleton

While we absolutely advocate for massage therapy during every season of the year, the winter is an especially important time to consider the benefits of this naturally healing practice. Here are 4 reasons why regular massage treatments as the temperatures drop are a fantastic idea:

  • In most places, the winter months do not just bring cooler temperatures, they also bring shorter, darker days that have the tendency to wear on our bodies and souls. Massage therapy is a great way to find some mind/body balance when that lack of sunlight and throws you off.
  • Massage = Warmth. Massage therapy has a naturally warming effect on our bodies. When a well-trained massage therapist works on those tight muscles and sore joints, the friction creates a soothing heat throughout your body that is a welcome break from the typically grueling winter cold. You can also ask your massage therapist about using different oils and lotions that will add to and improve the warming effect of massage therapy.
  • Massage therapy is a well-known to have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. Winter is a time when more of those nasty germs are flying around and people become more susceptible to illness. Be pro-active and treat yourself before the symptoms even start with an immune boosting massage.
  • As it gets colder outside, most of us begin to experience a drying effect on our skin which can be irritating, painful, and embarrassing. Massage therapy has a stabilizing effect on the collagen in your skin which in turn makes it more elastic and less prone to dryness. The oils and lotions prescribed by massage therapists are also fantastic for maintaining moisturized skin year round.

Consider getting into a routine this winter. Contact us if you have any other questions about the benefits of massage therapy during the cooler months. Just make it an early Christmas gift to yourself!

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