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2610 W Belleview Ave #300
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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Tennis Elbow? Massage Can Help!

Tennis Elbow? Massage Can Help!

Elements Massage Littleton

If you are an avid tennis player or always on the courts, perhaps you’ve noticed a twinge of pain in your elbow after a rigorous game or two. Maybe it goes away after a few hours on its own or afterwards you have to ice and take an anti-inflammatory to help find relief. You may be afflicted with what is known in the industry as ‘tennis elbow.’ Tennis elbow is a slight tear or inflammation of the muscles near the elbow joint. It causes pain that can oftentimes shoot down the forearm or make it difficult to fully bend or straighten the elbow joint. It can be an incredibly bothersome and long-term injury if not taken care of properly, even causing things like opening doors or shaking hands when you meet people to send shooting pain up your arm.

Mostly it affects, well, tennis players and golfers due to their activity, but people who work at desks typing at computers, or people who do manual labor like construction, heavy lifting, or even massage, can also find themselves straining their muscles in their wrists and elbows. One way to help avoid this injury is by taking the proper time to warm up if you are heading out to play a sport. When your body is warmed up and ready for activity, your muscles are more primed to move correctly.

However, if you do suffer from tennis elbow, massage treatments can help. The two best types of massage for this injury are Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue massage is a type of massage that concentrates on each specific layer of muscle. This type of massage is a great answer for those with restricted range of motion, chronic pain, or tendon and ligament damage. The cross-grain pressure applied to your muscles also helps recovery time and decreases muscle stiffness.

Sports Massage

Sports massage targets specific muscles and seeks to combat soreness by working the lactic acid buildup out of your muscles. It also provides stimulation and pressure for muscles and areas that are overused during the repetitive action of playing a sport. Sports massage can be tailored to address individual needs and is a great treatment option for tennis elbow sufferers.

Both of these modes of massage offer beneficial results to treat the aches and pains of tennis elbow. Massage helps to bring blood to muscles tears for quicker repair, working through knots and tension from overuse, and gives direct attention to your injury to get you back on track quicker so you can continue doing the things you love.

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