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Stress Relief for the Modern Life

Stress Relief for the Modern Life

Elements Massage Littleton

It is widely known that stress, tension, and anxiety can apply unhealthy strains on your body and mind. In the busy and modern world where most of us live, it can be especially easy to overload on work and overlook our health and well-being. Here are few ways that today’s busy body can take some time off and relieve stress:

Take a Hike
Or a walk, or a jog, or a stroll.... The point is, get outside and get active! We are talking about exercise here but exercise does not have to be painful or rigorous. Regular walks around the block in the morning and evening, even accompanied by the family pet that has to get out anyway, are a great way to take some time out and breathe some fresh air. Regular exercise at even moderate levels is know to help lower blood pressure which can be major contributor to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Take a Class
In the back of your mind; do you ever wonder if you might be the next great American novelist? One great way to find out would be to get into a creative writing class. Is there any other topic or skill that you would like to learn more about or get more proficient about? Go learn about it! Taking the time to explore activities and ideas that are not a regular part of your workday can help calm your mind and reduce stress.

Turn it All Off

How many times a day do you think the average modern working person glances at their mobile device. In this increasingly competitive professional world, constant communication and engagement with work is considered part of the necessary “edge” that has to be developed in order to get ahead. It has become so much of a problem that communities have written ordinances against the use of cell phones in cars and entire public awareness campaigns have been created around it. This dependence on mobile devices is difficult to overcome but allowing for regular “breaks” from all forms of electronic stimulation is a great place to start. Consider designating certain short blocks of the day where the phone gets turned off. They don’t have to be long at first; maybe it is just during dinner with the family. Breaks will help ease the mind and allow for a few intentional moments of calm. Regular massage sessions are another great reason to take a break from connectivity. There are probably not many massage therapists that would be too thrilled about a client taking a call right in the middle of a session.


Seriously though, socialization is an easy and oftentimes enjoyable way to relieve stress. Take the time to connect your fellow human beings and don’t be surprised if it makes you feel better.

And of course, MASSAGE! We can help you take a break and relieve yourself of stress.

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