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Massage to Combat the Winter Blues

Massage to Combat the Winter Blues

Elements Massage Littleton

So winter is definitely upon us and like most folks in Colorado, we like to think that we can all just handle it. After all, we have some of the most incredible winter sports in the entire country so what is there not to love about the cold weather. Even with our ingrained resistance to the low temperatures and sometimes gloomy and overcast days, it is not uncommon for significant portions of the population to fall into that well-known funk, the winter blues. While for some, these feelings of lethargy or sadness associated with the winter season can be slight or moderate; others suffer significantly from what mental health specialists now know is a quite common mood disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In either case, there are a number of alternative treatments that have been proven to be effective against some symptoms of SAD that include regular massage therapy.

Massage therapy’s effectiveness comes from its ability to boost general mind body wellness and to transmit positive feelings almost immediately. It is well documented that massage can lower ones heart rate and blood pressure, remove toxins from muscles and joints, stimulate nerve endings, and improve circulation. All of these physical benefits have the ability to improve ones general well being which creates a healthy foundation for facing feelings of depression. On top of that, massage therapy has the ability to stimulate and release endorphins which create immediate feelings of euphoria, calmness, and focus that can help those suffering from symptoms of SAD get through those cold winter days.

Like all holistic treatment plans, massage therapy is just one part of the puzzle. Talk to your physician or a mental health specialist about other complementary options like light therapy and acupuncture to help alleviate the symptoms of those winter blues.

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