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Massage for Golfers

Massage for Golfers

Elements Massage Littleton

More than other sports, golf relies on the knowledge of ones own physiology in order to play the game well. The highly specific and repetitive movements of a successful swing rest on perfecting proper technique. All of that practice can lead to overstressed and overused muscles though. With constant activity in the lower back, shoulders, wrists, hands, and knees, golf places a physical demand on its participants unlike other sports. Regardless of one's skill and activity level, a great way to help anyone who plays the game is through massage treatment sessions.

Before even stepping onto the golf course, massage has many benefits for any player. First, massage can help open the body by encouraging blood flow and oxygenation to promote flexibility and greater range of motion. Another important benefit is knowledge. Since golf is a game that’s based on anatomy, massage is the perfect window into learning about how your body works and reacts to certain movements and stimulation that can be applied to the game. This knowledge can help correct improper techniques too! Plus, it’s a way to warm up and prepare muscles and joints for the oncoming activity.

Once finished with a day on the green, massage can work the muscles around any inflamed areas that came with the day’s play and promote healing. In particular, sports massage is a great option to focus on specific muscle groups and joints that received the most wear and tear and for golf, this often means the lower back area. Through concentrated attention on effected muscle groups, sports massage begins the process of moving lactic acid buildup out of muscles which will relieve stiffness and the possibility of future injury.

In this day and age, amateurs and professionals alike rarely step out to play without taking the proper steps to ensure they play their best. Along with pre and post game massages, it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated when out in the elements. Drinking enough water can also help eliminate fatigue and consequent stress to the muscles.

The next time you have a game scheduled, call us (303) 738-5903 to schedule a pre or post game massage and let the evidence speak for itself. You’ll feel great!

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