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Massage for Back Pain

Massage for Back Pain

Elements Massage Littleton

At Elements Massage Littleton, we know that back pain can be more than an inconvenience. In fact, it can disrupt your life. From limiting activities to interfering with your ability to enjoy exercise, vacation, or work, back pain can wreck havoc on your day-to-day routine. The good news is that massage therapy can provide relief from the suffering by relaxing muscles and encouraging the release of tension.

Aches and pains in the upper and lower back can benefit from a few different modalities of massage depending upon your specific circumstances including the location and intensity of pain.

-Trigger point massage is the best type of massage if you experience multiple tight spots, knots, and/or muscle spasms. Utilizing isolated pressure and release techniques, trigger point massage helps dig in to key spots to relax your back muscles. This is also ideal for your muscles if you experience sharp stabbing pains that radiate from your back throughout the rest of your body.

-Deep tissue massage is another type of massage that uses deep and thorough pressure that targets your deepest layer of muscle under your skin. Similar to trigger point, deep tissue massage is different in that it addresses entire muscle groups instead of just specific points.

-Swedish massage is a gentler approach. This relaxing and rejuvenating massage method involves kneading, long gliding strokes, and plenty of cross-grain pressure to help stimulate release for your muscles.

The Importance of Posture as Preventative Measure

To help maintain a healthy body and ward off back pain, good posture is a critical component. Poor posture places undue stress on parts of your body that overcompensate and thus pull your muscles out of alignment. Striving to maintain a strong core (back, pelvis, and abdominal area) can help negate repetitive back issues in the long run.

Two key muscles to focus on for back issues during massage are:

  1. Quadratus luborum
    This muscle is in charge of keeping your pelvis stable and the rest of your body properly aligned. It is used when lifting, leaning, and running. It can also react to bad posture so be sure to stay aware of how you hold your body when sitting or standing.
  2. Gluteus medius
    This muscle is an outside hip muscle that oftentimes flares up when your quadratus luborum is pulled out of alignment. Both muscles can be worked on by your massage therapist to help alleviate back issues.

When dealing with any bodily issues, it’s important to openly discuss your aches and pains with your massage therapist to ensure a positive and beneficial massage. At Elements Massage Littleton studio, we strive to match you with the right type of massage, the right pressure, and the right therapists so you walk out of our doors feeling your best. For backaches and pains, massage can provide substantial relief. Visit our studio today and allow us to help you!

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