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Intentional Wellness

Intentional Wellness

Elements Massage Littleton

Massage treatments are oftentimes considered luxury or pampering yourself but at Elements Massage, we think that this mindset can create a negative cycle of guilt (thoughts like: “I don’t deserve a massage” or “It’s too expensive”) instead of cultivating a positive outlook towards taking charge of your health and wellness.

We all have rough days physically and emotionally, and if there’s a solution to navigating the ins and outs of work-life balance, investing in your body and mind is definitely high on our charts. Here’s a list of top things that you can incorporate into your routine to make your today the best it can be:


There’s nothing like feeling overwhelmed to make your stress levels skyrocket. One way to help achieve a calmer, more centered mindset is to de-clutter your surroundings. That giant stack of paperwork on your desk, if broken into more manageable, smaller stacks, is much more approachable. If your kitchen is an absolute disaster zone, start with something small and work your way through one task at a time. Also, take note of what you use and what is superfluous in your environment and consider de-cluttering the excess, it’s a surefire way to feel relief.

Family/Friend Time

Whether over the phone, with coffee, or a meal, quality family and friend time is essential to feeling connected. If you are stressed, try talking it over with a good friend, the chances are that you’ll feel a sense of relief automatically from forcing your thoughts into articulation. Also, you may even find some answers to what was worrying you while doing so!


When in need of a mood-elevating boost, be sure to make time to get your sweat on. Even a brisk walk outside or a short jog can kick-start your bodies hormones to help you make it through your hectic days!

Get in the Zone

Consider spending time by yourself. Whether that means taking a drive, taking a quick nap, swimming laps at your local gym, or cooking an elaborate meal for yourself, get in the zone of doing a task that has absolutely nothing to do with work or other stressors in your life.

Take Care of You

Drinking enough water, skipping that third cup of coffee for afternoon tea, remembering your vitamins, and any other items on the above list that empower you to believe in your self worth are key to intentional wellness. Massage treatments are also great ways to relax your mind and provide relief from all of the aches and pains of life that can build up. Start changing your mind-frame and build a better, healthier, and more happy future!

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