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5 Tips for Holiday Happiness

Elements Massage Littleton Dec 18, 2016 Health

This holiday season we polled our therapists to see how they avoid holiday stress. Try some or all of our to warm up and stay happy and healthy this winter and holiday season.

Elements Massage: A Peaceful Environment for Reiki Sessions

Elements Massage Littleton Aug 30, 2016 Health

Our partnership with LifeSpark Cancer Resources is incredibly valuable to our studios and our staff. We want to share a story about one of our first patients to receive Reiki sessions at our Elements Massage Highpointe studio to help illustrate the value of this service and our partnership.

Summer Wellness in Colorado

Elements Massage Littleton Jul 16, 2016 Health

At Elements Massage, we pride ourselves on helping our clients make healthy choices and live healthy lives, We have compiled the best Colorado Summer Wellness activities.

Women's Health: Investing in Healthy Lifestyles

Elements Massage Littleton May 3, 2016 Health

We think it’s incredibly important this week and every other week to focus on your health and the health of the other women in your life. Read through some of our tips to help you start enjoying a healthier lifestyle in no time.

No Time for Hibernating, Winter Workouts are a Must!

Elements Massage Littleton Dec 22, 2014 Health

Exercising in the winter is a fantastic way to stay busy, reduce stress and relieve cabin fever.

How to Combat Desk Job Posture Problems

Elements Massage Littleton Nov 15, 2014 Health

A big issue with contemporary work environments is the fact that a majority of Americans spend their days sitting in front of a desk and computer. This sedentary work environment wrecks havoc on the physical body. Poor posture easily forms negative habits that can aggravate back and neck pain. Several ways to intentionally combat the contortion that happens at work are as follows: Identify...

Massage as Tool to Help Cancer Patients with Pain

Elements Massage Littleton Oct 27, 2014 Health

There is no easy way around it, cancer is an incredible difficult subject fraught with anxiety and fear. The pain of fighting against bodily destruction along with the emotional journey involved can be debilitating and overwhelming. Today, more research is coming to light that massage therapy may be a positive tool to help counter pain, alleviate anxieties, and reduce stress...

Massage for Back Pain

Elements Massage Littleton Sep 22, 2014 Health

At Elements Massage Littleton, we know that back pain can be more than an inconvenience. In fact, it can disrupt your life. From limiting activities to interfering with your ability to enjoy exercise, vacation, or work, back pain can wreck havoc on your day-to-day routine. The good news is that massage therapy can provide relief from the suffering by relaxing muscles and encouraging the release of tension.   

Paying Attention to Breath

Elements Massage Littleton Sep 15, 2014 Health

Did you know that during extreme periods of stress and anxiety, turning your attention towards intentional breathing may help you be able to calm down?

Sleep Problems are not Simply a Result of Getting Older

Elements Massage Littleton Jul 9, 2014 Health

Everyone looks forward to a good night's sleep. Without enough restful sleep, we can become irritable, inattentive and more prone to accidents. Adequate sleep is essential to good health and quality of life.

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