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The Right Massage For You

The Right Massage For You

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

With the many different types of massage available on the market today, it can be overwhelming trying to choose which one is best suited to address your particular set of needs. To help you pick which massage treatment sounds best, here is a brief guide to help unpack the many techniques that are geared towards a combination of personalities and bodily needs.

For the Stressed-Out:

If you are constantly hunching your shoulders with stress, suffering from migraine headaches, or can’t sleep because you clench your jaw when trying to relax, deep tissue massage may be the remedy you are looking for. This type of massage specifically concentrates on working each layer of muscle in your body where knots, adhesions, stress, and tension are stored. By using a firm application of cross-grain pressure and movement, deep tissue massage enables your body to release stress and relax through and through for a much needed and deep sense of relief. It’s also an excellent modality for individuals with chronic muscle pain issues, tendon or ligament damage, or just looking to increase their range of motion.

For the Over-Nervous:

If you can’t stop climbing the worry mountain, cranio-sacral massage therapy may be what you need. Turning your brain off is hard, especially if you are accustomed to worrying about every little thing and this type of massage can help you find relief. By employing concentrated pressure on the bones and cerebrospinal fluid in your cranium, cranio-sacral massage functions like a peculiar head massage to reduce stress levels, improve vision and organ function, enhance your energy levels, and promote deeper breathing to help you let go of your worries and find a deeper ability to concentrate.

For the Incredibly Shy:

Massage can be intimidating for those that experience social anxiety or apprehension. If it’s your first time getting a massage, start out with something easy like reflexology. This type of massage treatment concentrates on the hands and feet as a way to impact the entirety of the body. It’s also excellent for conditions like arthritis, insomnia, chronic headaches, or other stress-related conditions.

For the Athlete:

Sports massage is the perfect massage for most activity-addicted people. This type of massage concentrates on overworked, overtaxed, and overstressed parts of the body to help move lactic acid out from muscles and allow your body to find a peaceful concentration after any rigorous event. It can also contribute to shorter recovery periods, promote less injuries, and help you feel your best so you can achieve the results you want and be at the top of your game.

When heading into any massage studio, be sure to openly discuss your wants and needs with your massage therapist to set the stage for a positive and productive session. Above all else, communication can help target massage sessions to address the reason you are there and help you find relief!

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