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Step Into Spring and Get Active

Step Into Spring and Get Active

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

As the cold weather departs, next up is our favorite season of Spring. This year, get outside and take on new challenges to help clear the Winter cobwebs, stretch your limbs, and nurture your mind and body connections with a good dose of Mother nature.

As the flowers start to bloom and our wonderful Colorado weather takes hold, here are several ideas to get you and your loved ones outdoors and stepping up your activity:

  • Biking (Built for Two or One or More!)
    Whether a rigorous mountain bike trail or a gentle road bike through the neighborhoods, biking is a great solo or group sport. Hit the streets this season and feel refreshed by putting in some pedal work. Consider packing a picnic and making a day of it.
  • Rock Climbing
    Find a local rock climbing group or check out an indoor facility for the basics. Rock climbing is a fun and challenging activity that can cater to everyone in the family, from kids to adults.
  • Take the Pet on an Adventure
    Another great way to enjoy the outside is to pack up your family pet and head out for a hike. There are plenty of hiking options in our state that start at a basic, short walk and others that require a bit more fitness. Regardless, hiking with your pet not only boasts the benefits of walking for you but for your four-legged friend as well!
  • Dance It Out
    We aren’t saying that you have to be good at it but look into trying out a dance class at a local gym or studio. If you are too embarrassed of your moves, there’s always the option of doing an online class from the comfort of your living room or backyard in the sunshine.

We do understand that jumping into your new springtime activities by using different muscle groups can cause some soreness and we are here to help! We are fully staffed at Elements Ken Caryl and our massage therapists offer a broad range of personalized massage techniques. From Sports Massage to Deep Tissue Massage to Hot Stone Massage and more, we can help soothe your muscles and promote relaxation. So get outside and enjoy yourself and then let us help provide relief. Book your massage today:

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