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Recovery After the Slopes: Heal Quicker with Massage

Recovery After the Slopes: Heal Quicker with Massage

Elements Massage Ken Caryl

In Littleton, Colorado, we are lucky to live in such proximity to a wide array of beautiful outdoor activities. Skiing and snowboarding are all-time favorite winter activities and there’s nothing like a great workout in mother nature to really get your blood pumping. That being said, we know first-hand that the days after hitting the slopes can leave your body feeling stiff and sore. Massage is a great treatment that can help provide relief for your tired muscles and can help you recover quicker. Here’s a quick run through of the muscle groups most used during skiing or snowboarding:

The Legs
When skiing or snowboarding, your leg muscles receive the brunt of the activity. Navigating all of that downhill movement requires strength and coordination. For your muscles, it means many microscopic tears in your muscle fibers that result in inflamed muscles and thus the stiffness and soreness we’re sure you are all too familiar with.

The Core
Your core area is another location of your body that faces fatigue after contributing to a fun day on the slopes. This is due to of all of the stabilizing your core is responsible for during this winter sport. When skiing and snowboarding, your core strength is what allows your body to absorb the pressure from powder, moguls, and other obstacles on the way down. Another important contribution from your core function is balance. Your abdominal muscles can help align your pelvis and spine to ensure proper posture and help prevent you from falling or flailing!

Foot/Ankle Group
Not as well known as the above two categories, another important muscle group that may need post-session attention is your feet and ankles. Your feet are responsible for performing edging and rotational movements to keep your feet going where you want the rest of your body to follow.

The Glute Group

One of the most powerful muscle groups on your body, the gluteal complex is critical to controlling your legs. When this group is sore, you’ll know it! Even a simple action like sitting can be complicated by a hard day of skiing. From the outer thighs to the uppers legs, these muscles help you with the rotary movements that steer you downhill.

Post-Slope Recovery
Massage can help alleviate the aches and pains after skiing. With the application of pressure and movement to your muscles, massage can help boost your blood flow to oxygenate your muscles, promote lymph circulation for quicker toxin removal, work out knots and other points of tension, and help you relax your way to a speedy recovery so you can go out and hit the slopes again!

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