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3965 E 82nd St
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Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm

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6 Reasons Colts Fans Need a Massage

6 Reasons Colts Fans Need a Massage


After watching the last two Colts games from start to finish (that’s no oddity, Just that these last two seemed to be more stressful than many others…) it dawned on me that they induce the need for a massage!

  1. Being a Colts fan is stressful this year. Many of the things in the past that have been givens like making the playoffs or scoring in the first quarter seem to be a question this year. True, our division is weak and we may be able to make the playoffs with a 6-10 record. But nothing seems to be a sure thing any more-well almost nothing, Vinatieri is still pretty money. With all that uncertainty comes a lot of stress and massage is a known reducer of stress.
  2. We are stiff from sitting in the cold on Sunday night. With the roof open and the temps in the mid to low 40’s by the end of the game against Denver it was a bit chilly in Lucas Oil! What better way to combat that than a heated massage table or maybe a hot stone session?
  3. These guys are old! Well, by NFL standards at least. The Colts are the oldest team in the league with an average age of 27.17 years according to Jimmy Kempski from the OK, you’re right, that is no reason for you to get a massage, maybe just them, but don’t you feel for em? I know how much I enjoy a massage after just a one hour workout at Fit Flex Fly!
  4. You need some work done on your sore thumb from replaying the eye poking incident by Aqib Talib on Dwayne Allen because you couldn’t believe a grown man would simply walk up and poke another in the eye. It’s the seldom used in the NFL 3 stooges approach to defense…
  5. On a Monday night in October of 2003 you went to bed with the Colts down by 21 to the Tampa Bay Bucs with only four minutes left in regulation. “I have to work tomorrow and this game is over…” Only to wake up the next morning to everyone talking about the “one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history.” Now you can’t go to bed until it is over. Never. Ever. Which means Monday mornings after 8pm games and the occasional Tuesday morning you are dog tired. Perfect day for a massage to get an extra hour of rest and rejuvenation!
  6. You need some work done on your sore hands because every time you touch a football you are required to squeeze it to make sure it is inflated properly…Then you have to say “If I can tell this ball is underinflated don’t you think Brady knew it too?”

We feel your pain. We are Colts fans too and we are here to help any way we can with the affliction of football that we all suffer from. GO BLUE!

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