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Why Making Time For Yourself Is Key To Your Health

Why Making Time For Yourself Is Key To Your Health

‘Me’ time is not just an indulgence for special occasions – self-care is key to your well-being.

We all live with varying degrees of stress at different times in our lives, whether you’re running around getting kids to activities, managing a home, juggling the demands of a career and personal life, or all of the above! No matter who you are or what you do, developing a regular practice of managing stress and replenishing your mental and physical energy is key to good health.

Here’s why…

  • Mental stress can have physical effects, causing muscular tension, soreness or skin problems. Stress can disrupt your sleep habits, and make you less effective at completing the tasks you need to do each day, compounding the sense of being overwhelmed. When you make time to relax and put everything on pause for a short hour or two, your stress level will reduce, and you will feel and look more refreshed.
  • Self-care helps makes you more effective at your work. Stress depletes your mental and physical reserves – if you are over-taxed, you may have trouble concentrating or problem solving. When you take regular periods of time to clear your mind, you will find that your mind is clearer and more prepared to do its job. You might even realize that some of the things stressing you out before your ‘me’ time no longer seem all that important or necessary.
  • Taking time for yourself is good for the people around you. When we get overwhelmed or burned-out, it can take a toll on our personal relationships. When you feel fatigued, you are more likely to be irritable and impatient with colleagues or loved ones. Creating a lifestyle that includes stress management, through relaxing exercise, journaling, or regular massage can alleviate those toxic feelings and improve your quality of life.

Life becomes stressful for everyone; whether its work, the holidays, illness or finances, things always seem to arise that can make life feel just a little too much. Developing a lifestyle strategy to manage stress can decrease the negative impact of stress on the rest of your life, and stop it from creating more problems (and more stress!). A stress management strategy can take many forms: it could be a daily practice like journaling or walking, something weekly such as a yoga class or meditation, or even just a once-a-month massage. The benefits of making that personal time will inevitably outweigh the cost if you over-stress yourself to the point of illness or injury.

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