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Your Endorphin Guide

Your Endorphin Guide

Elements Massage Glendale

Endorphins otherwise referred to as endogenous morphine, are neurotransmitters in the brain that have pain-relieving properties. There are three major types: beta-endorphins found in the pituitary gland and enkephalins and dynorphins, both found in the nervous system. These three different types of endorphins can reduce the intensity of pain sensations in the human body by naturally blocking pain signals - they attach to opiate receptor neurons and interfere with your ability to register pain.

Benefits of endorphins include a stronger immune system, less pain, reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and in some cases, slower aging processes. Massage is a great way to boost endorphin production. Through the process of deep relaxation, your body’s heart rate decreases, your eyes may dilate, and your respiratory function slows. This gives a period of respite to your nervous system so it can put more effort into producing the feel-good hormones.

In addition to helping you feel good (with serotonin and dopamine), endorphins are connected to other physiological tasks like appetite regulation, euphoric feelings, and libido. There is mounting evidence that your emotional health and your wellbeing are linked. Other positive things like laughing, exercise, good memories and joyful activities are ways to increase your own natural chemicals.

With massage the mind is able to access a restful place and the body receives much-needed attention. The power of touch stimulates the body’s natural chemicals and can maximize the feel-good feeling. Book your next session with our team today and we can help get your endorphins in production.

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