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What Massage Do I Need Right Now?

What Massage Do I Need Right Now?

Elements Massage Glendale


With an extensive list of massage techniques to choose from for your session, it can be exciting as well as overwhelming. The differences between types of massage therapy go beyond pressure and the area of the body you ask your therapist to focus on. Different techniques can have different results, which provide different kinds of benefits – and which one you choose should depend on what your goals are for the session. If you are pregnant, then a prenatal massage will likely be more beneficial to you than a Swedish massage. While this particular distinction may seem obvious, the differences between techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and sports massage may be a little more ambiguous.

Swedish massage is often used for relaxation and stress relief; it is a very common technique for a first massage session. Swedish massage can be done with lighter or deeper pressure depending on preference, but the strokes are always long in order to warm up the muscles and release toxins built up in the tissue, which helps with the relaxation process. Deep tissue massage on the other hand is often used to focus on chronically tight or painful muscles, places that are repeatedly strained. Deep tissue massage is often more focused on knots that occur due to postural reasons or repetitive motions – it can sometimes cause discomfort because a good deal of pressure is used by the therapist to release the muscles. This technique may not be relaxing at the start, but the benefits are felt afterwards! Finally, sports massage is often used for injury prevention and recovery, as well as enhancing athletic performance. If you’re training for a sporting event or play in a league, then the faster paced techniques used in this type of massage may be beneficial to you.

These three types of massage are not by any means an exhaustive list of the techniques employed by our therapists at Elements Massage Glendale – many of whom specialize in more than three styles. But you can see that the type of massage you choose should directly reflect what you want to get out of your session. Think more about what you would like to see from your therapeutic massage beyond the pressure levels.

If you have any questions please call us: Elements Massage Glendale 623-847-4050.

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