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Sick and Tired?

Sick and Tired?

Elements Massage Glendale

Massage has many wonderful health benefits, such as reducing stress to boosting the immune system, but should you get a massage if you’re already feeling sick? Every person handles illness differently, but there are some general guidelines that everyone can use to decide whether they should cancel a massage appointment in light of feeling under the weather. In some cases, the detoxifying effects of massage can help you get over a virus faster than without a massage, but in other cases a massage could prove to be too much on your body.

If you’re suffering from fever or in the throws of a cold or flu, most therapists and other health professionals will recommend rescheduling any upcoming massage appointments. First, never come in for a massage if you are contagious. By coming to your appointment, you are putting your therapist and other clients at risk by exposing them to the bug in an enclosed area. Second, if you’re feverish and sensitive to touch, then a massage is going to do more harm then good by increasing your discomfort, and you’re putting yourself in danger of overtaxing your body. A nice hot bath and some time in bed is likely the better treatment option at this point.

However, if you find yourself coming down with a cold and have the space in your schedule to stay in bed for a couple of days, then getting a massage can help your body work through the virus more quickly. Having a massage at the start of a cold can induce more intense symptoms so that the virus lasts for three or four days instead of a week or two. But it’s important to remember that the symptoms will be more intense, so be prepared to be out of commission for a couple of days. A massage can also help if you’ve been fighting a cough or some chest congestion. There’s a good chance your back, chest, and neck muscles are tight, which massage can help loosen. Massage will relax these areas, easing the tightness and soreness of the overworked muscles, and it can also relieve any headaches or sinus pressure you may still be having. So if you’re not contagious, feverish, or nauseous, then massage at Elements Massage in Glendale can help you recover! So don’t reschedule, or feel free to book a new appointment, to get yourself on the road to feeling better!

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