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Managing Chronic Pain

Managing Chronic Pain

Elements Massage Glendale

Dealing with chronic pain can feel like a relentless and endless struggle. When it comes to maintaining a positive and healthy approach, massage offers a non-pharmacological and holistic method to create a necessary coping strategy. While there is no cure, fighting chronic pain is both an uphill mental and physical battle.

At Elements Glendale, our knowledgeable team of massage therapists can address your unique circumstances and work in tandem with other professionals like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and the advice of your primary care physician to create a tailored plan that can facilitate a better quality of life for you.

How Massage Helps

A growing number of research cites massage as an effective method of pain relief and it's becoming a best practice for many pain management strategies. Here are the most commonly referenced reasons why massage helps those suffering from chronic pain:

  • Addresses and reduces severity of lower back pain
  • Alleviates the perception of pain and anxiety in hospital patients
  • Decreases intensity of pain
  • Reduces chronic tension
  • Reduces chronic headaches
  • Can help patients use less traditional pain medications
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Boosts awareness of body
  • Promotes human connection

Though the application of pressure and range of movements specific to each massage modality, massage can address a large range of symptoms from mental to physical and encourage an overall sense of wellbeing. If you are struggling to find a coping mechanism to deal with chronic pain issues, talk to your doctor today about how massage may be able to help! Our team is standing by for you to book your next session.

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