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Words of Wellness

Helping You Attain Better Health Now!

Helping You Attain Better Health Now!

Elements Massage Glendale


Sure, we all have goals when it comes to our health and wellbeing but oftentimes the goals we set are obtuse or long-term, leaving the present awash with day-to-day decisions that don’t contribute to the larger picture. It’s easy to make grand plans for the future but what about now. How can you set a course to achieve short term goals that can make you feel better today?

At Elements Glendale studio, we’d like to address a few positive changes you can make that will harness the power of health and get yourself on the road to achieve lifelong habits. Here are several easy practices that can be incorporated into your life today to change how you feel:

  1. H2O
    Water is incredibly important to how your body functions and the truth is that most of us don’t drink enough. Not only does proper hydration improve kidney function, help you stick to a healthier diet, and decrease blemishes, water is essential to feeling balanced. A good rule of thumb to follow is to try and drink at least half of your body weight in ounces a day. Try drinking an extra glass of water first thing in the morning and swapping out that afternoon coffee or soda for water instead to get the ball rolling!
  2. Hit the Road (On Foot That is)
    There seems to be an increasing amount of research toting the benefits of walking. It has shown to boost brain function, creativity levels, and helps with vitamin D absorption. Try taking a fifteen-minute walk outside each and every day and see if it improves your mood!
  3. Get More Shuteye
    Sleep is also a critical component to your health. The actual number of hours each person needs can vary but one way to test out your ideal number is to try and go to sleep thirty minutes earlier for a week and see how you feel in the morning. Repeat as necessary until you find a groove that enables you to feel energized upon waking.
  4. Morning Mealtime
    Lastly, getting a proper start to your day means adding fuel to your body. You wouldn’t expect a car with a gas tank on empty to make it very far and the same goes for your body. Kicking the day off with a good breakfast gives your body and brain the necessary components it needs to function throughout the day.

These small changes, when combined, can have a great affect on your life. Instead of focusing on the long-term goals, see what happens when you start making better decisions for yourself today!

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