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What Makes Massage Therapeutic?

What Makes Massage Therapeutic?

Elements Massage Gilbert


Is there really a difference between a massage therapist and a masseuse? The answer is a definitive yes – there are a number of important differences, and the massage therapists at Elements Massage want you to know what they mean for your massage experience.

First, massage therapists have to undergo a licensing process that involves at minimum five hundred hours of education and training, but it can take as many as one thousand hours of instruction for a massage therapist to become certified. Looking for proof of licensure is an important first step in finding a massage therapist – it indicates professionalism and an expertise that you will want when it comes to trusting someone with your health.

All of the therapists at Elements Massage Gilbert are licensed therapists that are highly trained and qualified professionals who use their skills to meet your individual needs. They are able to do this with the variety of techniques they have learned during their schooling and training. However, choosing the appropriate methods requires communication between therapist and client – another thing that is important to look for when searching for a massage therapist. A therapist who is able to clearly explain a technique, listen to your concerns and goals, and respond is an important component to benefitting from massage therapy. The therapists at Elements Gilbert are all concerned with each client’s individual needs and using the appropriate techniques, whether it be Swedish massage, trigger point or deep tissue, to get you where you want to be with your health. Call and make an appointment to find a massage therapist that’s right for you! Elements Massage in Gilbert 480.726.2222.

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