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The Prenatal Period: Massage for Moms and Dads

The Prenatal Period: Massage for Moms and Dads

Elements Massage Gilbert

There’s nothing more exciting and stressful than waiting for a baby to arrive. When taking on new responsibilities and worrying about the love and care involved with a newborn, the final days of the prenatal period are to be cherished and remembered with both ups and downs. Pregnancy in and of itself can be a physical and mental challenge for many women. To help combat the emotional rollercoaster, finding small ways to provide extra care towards oneself during this special time can ease the worry and set the stage for a warm, loving environment for a developing family. This goes for both moms and dads-to-be.

Massage is one of the many ways to promote a healthy calmness while giving much-needed attention to the physical and emotional well being of each partner.

For Moms-To-Be

For pregnant women, massage can address specific conditions related to pregnancy. From swollen ankles to back pain, sciatica to migraines, massage can help by:

       Strengthening mind/body connection

       Promoting relaxation

       Reducing joint pain

       Addressing back and leg pain

       Decreasing swelling

       Increasing feel-good hormones

For Dads-To-Be
Although dads require much less attention during the prenatal period, maintaining a supportive relationship can zap a lot of energy. A massage can help you pause and appreciate all that is going on around you while offering a range of benefits including:

       Reducing stress hormones

       Promoting energy levels

       Alleviating anxiety

       Decreasing aches and pains

       Establishing a centered emotional well being

       Inducing better sleep

Come visit our studio during this special period of time and allow our expert team to provide you with nothing but the best care!

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