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Words of Wellness

Take Charge of Your Health Now

Take Charge of Your Health Now

Elements Massage Gilbert

Take Charge of Your Health Now

With summer swiftly approaching, now is as good of a time as any to take charge of your wellness. How can you embrace the moment and bring about positive change to help you look and feel your best? We’ll tell you:

  1. Get More Sleep
    Most individuals suffer from bad sleep habits. In fact, the average American sleeps approximately six to eight hours a night. Without the right amount of sleep, you are often left feeling tired, groggy, unable to focus, and even quicker to anger. To change this, make sleep a priority. Set your bedtime to a reasonable hour and stick to it. We also recommend lifestyle changes like decluttering your room, investing in a white noise machine, blackout curtains, or a good sleep mask.
  2. More Water
    This one is simple: drink water. Instead of grabbing that extra coffee or mid-afternoon soda, turn to good old H2O to hydrate. Keeping yourself hydrated ensures that your body functions optimally. It can even revitalize your creative energies and assist you in staying focused.
  3. Vitamin D
    Heading out into the sunshine for a daily dose of vitamin D doesn’t take that long. In fact, you probably only need about ten minutes a day to get what you need. Set an alarm to take walks when possible to remind yourself to prioritize getting away from your desk and into the natural elements.
  4. Massage
    One final way to take charge of your health is to nurture your mind-body connection with massage. Massage is an ancient tool that delivers a truly therapeutic experience to revitalize your muscles and stoke your creative energies.
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