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Stress Relief in a Modern World

Stress Relief in a Modern World

Elements Massage Gilbert

Stress comes in many forms and in our increasingly fast paced and connected world, it can be difficult to take a few moments for yourself. Here is a list of quick stress relief tips to combat the modern hustle and bustle of our daily lives:


It can be difficult to cope with the reliance we feel towards our electronic devices, as constant communication is essential to work and home. One way to help ease the mind and take a few intentional moments to yourself is to turn off your phone. If you cannot bear turning it off, at least consider setting your phone to silent. That way you are less likely to be interrupted by emails, texts, and phone calls!

Looking for a little way to boost your mid-afternoon slump? Dabbing a little essential oil on your temples or on the back of your neck can provide a touch of relief. Try lavender or spearmint oil to alleviate feelings of tension and stress.


As humans, socialization is critical to our ability to feel connected to others and is a large part of the happiness equation! If you are feeling too pent up, reach out to a friend or family member through the phone or get together for coffee and do some catching up.

A vacation doesn’t have to be a huge expedition to allow you time to reset. Take a day off or even just an afternoon and go somewhere new. This brief change in scenery is a great way to refresh your spirits.

Learn Something New
Learning something new is one of the best ways to bust stress. Try enrolling in a cooking class, a library group, or a small one-day workshop at your local gardening center. The act of mentally engaging with a new hobby can help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life!

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