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Strategy for Sick Season

Strategy for Sick Season

Elements Massage Gilbert

As the weather finally turns nice and we say goodbye to the Arizona summer, something else looms on the fall and winter horizon: sick season. This prime time of cold and flu is a dreaded portion of the year but fear not, here’s how you can help keep germs at bay and stay healthy with these tips:

  • Cut Back on Booze
    Alcohol can interfere with your regular sleeping rhythms, which in turn can leave you exposed to getting sick. Instead, when everyone around you has a case of the sniffles, reach for water and skip the booze to give your system a boost in warding off germs.
  • Drink Tea
    A warm drink like tea can help stimulate the hair follicles in the nose and can result in allowing fewer germs to move in. Many warm teas offer additional benefits like thinning mucus or boasting antibacterial properties too for an extra kick.
  • Sanitizing Common Spaces
    Since viruses can live on surfaces up to 48 hours, to halt the spreading of germs, wiping down common area spaces at the home or office can help reduce the transference of sicknesses. Think places like doorknobs, the coffee machine, telephones, keyboards, and more.
  • Regular Massage
    As a way to boost immunity and nourish your cells with blood and oxygen, massage can help you feel relaxed and lessen stress levels to help bolster your ability to fight off infection.
  • Sweat It Out
    Hitting the gym and getting regular exercise is a part of any healthy routine. Sweating is an excellent way to allow your body to process toxins too.
  • Getting Good Shuteye
    Sleep is integral to your body’s ability to restore itself. During flu and cold season, taking the extra measures to get enough quality sleep can mean the difference between getting sick or staying healthy.

This year, plan ahead and get time with our talented team of massage therapists on the books so we can help you safely navigate the season of sickness ahead.

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