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Reasons to Drink More Water than You Are

Reasons to Drink More Water than You Are

Elements Massage Gilbert


As the midpoint of the year has come and gone, a self-assessment is almost inevitable. How long did we last with our resolutions? How has 2014 been different than 2013? If these answers are murky, especially on the “getting healthy” front, then there’s no time like the present to make the easy adjustment of drinking more water to improve your wellbeing! Beyond staying hydrated in the brutal Arizona heat, drinking more water has some unexpected health benefits.

Drinking more water helps you lose weight and make your workouts more productive. Having enough water in your system helps keep important nutrients flowing and also helps you feel fuller, which will make it easier to say “no” to that snack you want but don’t need. And while you’re sweating it out at the gym, drinking water will keep your energy up and prevent cramping by keeping your muscles fueled. Water also works for your body outside of strenuous activity. Drinking more water can help keep digestion working smoothly, and water also keeps kidneys functioning as it processes 200 quarts of blood every single day to sort out waste. Finally, a glass of water (or two!) can help improve focus, fight fatigue, and give your brain a boost as well.

Making sure you drink enough water is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Water makes up about sixty percent of our bodies, so replenishing and replacing the water that keeps our organs functioning and fluids balanced should be a top priority. In Arizona in particular, where walking across a parking lot can result in sweating, drinking water is extremely crucial to staying healthy and happy.

Pair increased water consumption with regular therapeutic massages to put the extra hydration to use by flushing out toxins and waste buildup in muscles and improving circulation! Call Elements Massage Gilbert 480-726-2222 for your wellbeing.

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