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Neck Spasms? 3 Stretches to Help

Neck Spasms? 3 Stretches to Help

Elements Massage Gilbert

Ouch! Spasms are an involuntary tightening of a muscle accompanied by intense pain. Sometimes this pain can last a few minutes, but if it’s extreme, it’s possible to last a few days. At Elements Massage Gilbert, one of the most common complaints from our clients is about neck spasms.

This common form of muscle spasm can feel like a sharp or sudden pain deep in the muscle tissue and it may make it difficult to move your head or neck. Tasks like checking your blind spot while driving, sleeping on your side, or even turning your head to talk to your spouse or coworker may all prove difficult.

To avoid neck spasms, especially in our computer-obsessed world, it is important to stretch. Here are 3 simple stretches that can help prevent spasms:

  1. Neck Stretch
    To do this stretch, stand with your head facing forward. Use your hand on your head to turn your neck slightly to the right and gently push your chin to the right side of your chest. Stay here and hold for at least fifteen seconds. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Scalene Stretch
    Think shoulder blades here. To perform this stretch, stand and clasp one hand on the wrist of the other behind your waist. Now pull one shoulder down while you feel a stretch in your neck area. Hold for fifteen seconds, then swap hands and wrists and repeat.
  3. Neck Curl
    This stretch involves laying on a flat surface with your feet flat on the ground while looking up. Tuck your chin to your chest like you are doing a sit-up and lift your shoulders off the floor for ten seconds at a time. Repeat three to five times.

Stretching is key in preventing spasms but another effective treatment is massage. By promoting relaxation and addressing muscle tightness to relieve tension, massage can aid in reducing the occurrence of neck spasms. Talk to our team today about your needs.

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