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Neck Pain Go Away

Neck Pain Go Away

Elements Massage Gilbert


Neck pain can be a constant problem for some people, which often require relief in addition to what can be provided by massage therapy appointments. Massage therapy can help reduce neck pain in the long term, as well as help prevent it from returning, but unfortunately most people cannot afford to have a massage therapist on hand in order to help with the pains that occur due to a long day at the office or an airplane flight. There are some stretches and exercises that can be performed at a desk, which have been shown to reduce neck pain on a day-to-day basis.

These exercises should be done every day, even multiple times a day, in order to improve flexibility and reduce pain and stiffness in the neck. The first is a simple neck rotation. To do a proper neck rotation, stand or sit with your back straight. Then turn your head to the side, so your chin sits above the shoulder, and hold it for a count of ten. Then, slowly rotate your neck so your chin rests over the opposite shoulder. Another simple but effective stretch is the “chin tuck”. Stand with your back against a wall, spine and back of the head pressing against the wall. Without losing contact with the wall, press your chin to your chest, so you are looking down and hold the stretch. Both of these stretches can be done at the office in a matter of minutes, and they reduce neck pain by strengthening postural muscles.

It is possible to find pain relief in between massage appointments. Simple stretches and strengthening exercises can reinforce the benefits and progress of massage therapy, making daily life at the office or on the road less painful.

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