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Muscle Knots 101

Muscle Knots 101

Elements Massage Gilbert

Muscle knots are above all else stubborn. These hard, sensitive areas of muscles are frequently referred to as trigger points and can be caused by abrupt impact, overuse, injury, bad posture or a sedentary lifestyle. Other contributing factors include dehydration, stress or anxiety, and bad lifestyle choices.

Most often found in the neck, back, or shoulder areas, these pesky muscle knots can occur anywhere in the body. To the touch, these knots can feel tight or contracted, even when your muscle is at rest. Additionally they can cause aching sensations or numbing pain.

Symptoms outside of the knot itself may include headaches, earaches, or even toothaches along with difficulties sleeping and heightened stress and anxiety.

Sounds bad right? Well, the good news is that our expert massage therapist team at Elements Massage Gilbert knows just what to do to break up knotted tissues and calm inflamed nerves. Here’s how to treat muscle knots:

  • Stretch
    Incorporate a gentle stretching routine into your lifestyle can help elongate your muscles while reducing tension in the body.
  • Rest
    It is important to allow your body to properly rest and recover if you have muscle knots. This means getting good sleep and taking a break from any activities that overly stress your system.
  • Massage
    To help you relax, encourage flexibility, and keep your muscles healthy (and knot free), massage is one of the best things you can do. There is even a specific form of massage, Trigger Point massage, that targets the body’s areas of stubborn tension.

While muscle knots aren’t necessarily avoidable, taking the above steps can help reduce your risk. Not to mention, paying attention to your body and giving yourself the care you need can go a long way in preventing complicated problems.

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