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Massage and Pregnancy

Massage and Pregnancy

Elements Massage Gilbert


Therapeutic massage has a wide array of benefits for individuals of all shapes, sizes, and health needs. One group of people in particular who have much to gain from massage therapy is women who are expecting or who have recently given birth. Pregnancy and the time after is a complex, wonderful, and difficult time for many people, but it can be especially difficult on the body of the woman carrying the baby. Adding prenatal massage to your pregnancy health routine, and post partum massage afterwards can help with some of the physical and mental trials that come with carrying a baby.

During pregnancy, the extra weight and demands of the growing baby can put strain on a woman’s body. Sore joints, weight gain, and aching muscles can all come with the territory, and massage can help assuage these discomforts by improving circulation and working out muscle tension. Check our therapist listings for who specializes in prenatal massage; they know how to adjust pressure and positioning to benefit the mother without putting strain on the baby. Prenatal massages also help boost mood by decreasing stress, anxiety, and depression, which can help women who are struggling with hormone fluctuations during the pregnancy period.

But the benefits of massage do not go away once the baby has been born. Post partum massage can help women as well. As is true for all massage therapy, post partum massage will increase circulation and lower the amount of stress hormones in your system. This can help a woman’s body with the readjustment to non-pregnancy hormone levels, as well as reduce the anxiety and depression that can sometimes accompany the time immediately after birth. It also helps with pain management as your body undergoes physical changes now that it is not supporting the baby any longer. Massage also improves sleep quality, which is incredibly important for new mothers who need as much quality out of the fewer hours that they get during the night. Finally, post partum massage can aid in breastfeeding by relaxing the body and improving circulation and milk production by increasing prolactin levels, a hormone associated with lactation. If you’re an expecting or new mother, book an appointment today with Elements Massage Gilbert to start seeing these benefits and improvements in your own life! 480-726-2222.

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