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Keeping High Stress at Bay

Keeping High Stress at Bay

Elements Massage Gilbert

Stress is a normal part of life but when it takes over and feels endless, it can be difficult to navigate. With work, home, family life and more, it is easy to feel pulled in too many different directions. One key aspect of maintaining a wellness routine in today’s fast-paced society is learning how to navigate your own personal stressors and finding ways to help you keep your high stress levels at bay. Although this process is different for each individual, one excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety can be through the art of massage.

Offering an array of mind and body benefits that includes addressing bodily aches and pains resulting from higher stress levels like hunched shoulders, poor posture, upper back stiffness to neck pain, massage is a tool that can alleviate the physical sensations of stress. From Swedish massage to Deep Tissue, there are many different forms of massage geared to address your individual needs.

At Elements Massage Gilbert, we pride ourselves on delivering handcrafted and therapeutic massage experiences tailored to your needs each time you visit. When it comes to addressing stress and the mental and physical ramifications, be sure to talk to your massage therapist about what you are experiencing through clear communication in order to maximize the time you spend on our massage table. Naturally, this is a process that will evolve with how your anxiety and stress levels change each visit.

Taking care of yourself is critical in being able to handle the daily pressures and anxieties that can accumulate and finding a form of productive coping can help restore your vitality and ability. When it comes to massage, the many movements associated with different modalities including rubbing, stroking, stretching, tapping, and pressure can help your body relax and release. The application of pressure can also help suppress the production of cortisol, the stress hormone and instead boost your body’s production of more feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin.

As a way to naturally suppress stress, massage also lends a boost to both your circulatory and lymph system functions to help reinvigorate, oxygenate, and re-center your body. Now, that sounds like something to not stress about!

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