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Have a Healthy Spring

Have a Healthy Spring

ELements Massage Gilbert

Now that spring is here, everyone wants to get outside and take advantage of the glorious weather, particularly here in the spectacular southwest. A big issue, however, is lingering viruses and illnesses that continue to make post-winter rounds. From colds to flu, being sick is never fun.

To avoid getting sick, it is important to take care of yourself. To mitigate your risk of being taken down and to ensure that you can head outside and make the most of the spring, here are our team’s professional recommendations:​

Good Shuteye
Never underestimate a night of great sleep and its ability to restore and revitalize your brain and body. During cold and flu season, you should strive for approximately seven to nine hours of sleep a night. We know! What about Netflix? We suggest saving your binge-worthy shows for the midsummer heat and instead, prioritizing a good evening routine that enables you to wind down and catch quality sleep.

Regular Massage
As a truly therapeutic experience, massage is a treat for the mind and body. In fact, regular massage therapy sessions can actually boost your immune function. By minimizing stressors and boosting the circulation of blood and lymph, massage may just be your ticket to a healthy spring.

Reducing Stressors
We get it. Finding balance in the day to day with work, home, friends, and more can be a struggle but we are here to remind you that identifying a strategy to cope with life’s stressors is critical to maintaining your health. Whether you like to take an evening walk, go for regular yoga classes, or bliss out in the kitchen cooking a nutritious meal, finding ways that work for you to reduce your stress and anxiety levels can help keep you on the go.

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