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Finding Focus

Finding Focus

Elements Massage Gilbert

There are many different things that can interfere with your ability to concentrate. From the proliferation of distracting devices to the multi-tasking responsibilities our daily lives have incurred. We are constantly switching gears or entertaining multiple conversations and this practice can leave you feeling scattered and stressed-out.

Although there are a number of common disorders that can explain a lack of ability to focus like ADHD, chronic fatigue, depression or anxiety, sleep issues like insomnia or sleep apnea, or even hormonal imbalances, massage is one option on the table that can address concentration issues through a holistic and non-pharmacological approach.

Massage For Concentration

Massage is an excellent tool for reducing stress and therefore enabling your brain and body to energize and focus. Here’s how it works:

-Releasing Tension

There’s nothing like the release of bodily stress and tension to free up your mental energy and re-engage yourself with your physical well being. By working out knots and other points of pressure, massage can help direct your focus where it needs to be.

-Alleviating Pain
Pain can be super distracting and inhibit your ability to concentrate, especially if experienced on a regular basis. Massage can be targeted to address your individual issues to help reduce pain to allow your focus and energies to be restored and revitalized.

-Boosting Blood Flow
Massage helps your circulatory system function by increasing circulation which oxygenates your blood and enables you to feel more centered and calmer.

-Strengthening Immune Function
With a boost to blood flow, your lymph system’s circulation also elevates after a massage. This enables your body to help remove toxins from your body in a more efficient manner, which can keep you healthier and happier.

-Stimulates Production of Endorphins
The production of feel-good hormones and endorphins is prompted by time on a massage table. Both serotonin and dopamine help you feel good and are linked to a reduction in depression and anxiety.

-Promotes Sleep
After massage, your body is in a more relaxed state that allows for better sleep. Healthy adults should try to sleep at least 8 solid hours in order to maximize their ability to concentrate.

Struggles with stress and anxiety can really take you out of the head space you need to be in in order to succeed. Book your next massage with us and discuss how you’d like to help regain focus and concentration with one of our expert massage therapists today!

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